Don’t have any idea about what Visa Provisioning Service is? Read this simple yet comprehensive article to figure out the ins and outs of this service.

Visa has been in the field for a long time providing its customers the top-notch services and looks forward to being one in the long run. Having said that, it in the most recent times came up with “Visa Provisioning Service” that has added an extra layer to the payment management of mobile network operators and financial institutions. The convenience of users has always been a primary duty of Visa and keeping that in mind, this brand-new service was brought to life on behalf of Visa. Curious to know what it is, or what it means to the customers making use of it? Read on and find out more about it.

What is Visa Provisioning Service?

Have you understood what provisioning service means added by Visa? What this service does is that it helps the several institutions, especial those that use mobile networks a one-stop solution to download the information of their payment in a more secure manner. Via this service, the information is downloaded with a technology called NFC which stands for Near Field Communication.

How does Visa Provision Service work

NFC is perfectly secure, robust and reliable and it is also used by Google for payment apps. The main purpose behind the development of this service is linking the Visa payment service account to smartphones over the air and bringing all necessary parties together. The VPS addresses a significant need for all Visa account holders or any who want to make mobile payment part of their lives.

With VPS – a provisioning service – even the Transit operators can enjoy the non-stop payments over applications. It never ceases to amaze the customers and help them make payments part of their life. Not only that, even banks use this spanking new technology for faster and quick payments around the world.

How does Visa Provision Service work?

The provisioning service works on the basis of NFC. It is a technology that is also known as Near Field Communication. So, in order to facilitate this service, one has to get an NFC-enabled smartphone – that will have an NFC chip installed on it. There are many smartphones companies that do not support this technology, for example, Apple for iPhone. In order to enjoy the non-stop service, the NFC-enabled device must be turned on or it will not work.

Not only does Visa Provisioning Service work with Visa payments but also it works like a charm with the Non-Visa payments as well. Everyone has the smartphone nowadays which allows them to have a more secure option over their payments via this service. On top of that, paying for a subway in a distant city has been a child’s play with this out-of-this-world service.

How to use Visa Provisioning Service?

Apart from handling the daily account payment activities, the VPS can be used for paying the subway ride in a distant city. The service is based on Visa and Non-Visa payment, mass transit, or loyalty applications on their mobile phones. Here is how it works:

  1. To avail the service, the customer has to buy an NFC-equipped smartphone that complies with Visa’s terms and conditions.
  2. Next, the customer will need to contact the organization or company by which the Visa account was issued, asking them to initialize the mobile payments on their mobile phones.
  3. On your request, the company will begin linking the suitable parties for the account payment and will inform you once the process is completed.

The third step includes authenticating the account holder and facilitating the secure “keys” exchange so that the NFC chip on the smartphone can be enabled.

Also, Intel has also agreed to use Visa Provisioning Service for all its tablets and smartphones that are based on Intel® Atom™ to enable the smartphone users to securely download their payment account information.

Is Visa Provisioning Service worth your attention?

Since there are tons of technologies promising you for the provision of best-in-the-industry services? We say, everyone company does that. But based on use and reviews, what we feel is that Visa Provisioning Service (VPS) could be worth your shot for its outstanding, secure and reliable service to help you download your payment information on the go – right on your smartphones. And, we have already said that Google also uses this type of services based on NFC for its payments. But, Visa has to do something about the fact that only NFC-enabled devices can avail this service.


The Visa Provisioning Service is a leading or major provisioning service in the market these days. However, make sure that your phone is NFC-enabled if you want to enjoy the fastest downloads of your payments.

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