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Best Rated Timeshare Resale Companies- Reputable & Legitimate

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A new timeshare resale has been reported. Called Atlantis Travel SA, we want to warn against this kind of timeshare resale companies! This company also does Cold Calling and timeshare owners fall out of nowhere. How do they get your data? Almost every day a Cold Caller is added.

They all tell the timeshare owner that they have a buyer for their property. Of course, they require an amount for this in advance. That your timeshare is not sold may be clear among the Best Rated Timeshare Resale Companies. This is a fixed method of timeshare resale businesses. This method is always to the detriment of the timeshare owners. If you are contacted by a cold caller with the announcement that they can sell your timeshare, put the receiver down and report it to us!

Best Rated Timeshare Resale Companies

The timeshare resale company, Atlantis Travel SA, says they are based in Barcelona, they are also difficult to trace since they only use a Soan GSM number. We have often warned on our website for companies that hide behind PO Box numbers and GSM numbers. Whether this is a timeshare resale business or a foundation whose website is occasionally taken off the air, lies lies, libel, and slander. The intentions can never be good.

Reputable Timeshare Resale Companies

The timeshare resale company Atlantis Travel SA, uses the following method: AFTER the first telephone call, Atlantis Travel SA sends a number of documents, including a purchase agreement in the name of the ‘buyer’, together with the ‘proof’ that this so-called buyer already has a substantial amount has deposited on a ‘third party account’. It is now up to the timeshare owner to ‘complete’ the sale. This must be done by paying an amount of around € 3500 on the same bank account for the Reputable Timeshare Resale Companies.

Legitimate Timeshare Resale Companies

Research has shown that in Spain no company is registered with the name Atlantis Travel SA. This has meant that timeshare owners who have paid this amount are out of their money. Unfortunately, their Legitimate Timeshare Resale Companies has never been sold.

Always ask yourself: Why does money have to be paid in advance to a timeshare resale company that says they have a buyer for your timeshare property? Also ask yourself: Why would someone buy your timeshare?

How Best Rated Timeshare Resale Market Works

Never Trust A Company Or Foundation Or Person Who Has Different Behind A Postbox And / Or Mobile Number and want to know How Timeshare Resale Market Works Do Not Trust A Company Or Foundation Or Person That Does Cold Calling! Do Not Trust A Company Or Foundation Or Person From Which A Website Offline Is Collected!

Also, We Want To Warn The So-Called Commercial Companies Who Say That They Can Discontinue Your Timeshare Contract Without Their Present References That Can Be Verifiable!

While the lawful procedure is frequently comparative, laws managing the resale of timeshare fluctuate by state and by a nation. Contingent upon your proprietorship type and resort, every one of your rights may not exchange to the purchaser. To guarantee that your experience is as smooth as could be expected under the circumstances, investigate your proprietorship on the web, counsel with an accomplished timeshare resale organization or specialist, and work with an authorized shutting organization.

Timeshare Brokers Services for Resale

Finding a purchaser to buy your timeshare resale is likewise all the more testing. When you sell a home, you may contend with a neighbor who is likewise selling a three-room, two-restroom house, yet risks are your property has something that separates it, for example, a more pleasant yard or completed storm cellar. When you sell a timeshare, you are contending with different proprietors at your retreat who have an indistinguishable unit, an indistinguishable week and an indistinguishable need to sell. Separating your property turns into the deciding variable in your capacity to sell.

In short: if you have been contacted by a company, foundation or person who says that they can sell your timeshare or say they can terminate your timeshare contract, please contact us. contact us via our website. Timeshare resale is almost equal to scams.

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