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How Much Does The Average Burial Cost- Monthly Costs

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As in many areas, the cost of the Burial service is variable, it often depends on its quality. Regarding burial expenses, it’s the same thing there is a wide range of prices, from 3,000 dollars to over 10,000 Dollar. Several factors come into play in the calculation of burial expenses: the burial mode, the region in which one finds oneself, and the wishes of each, of course.

How Much Does The Average Burial Cost

The cost of burials increased by 35% according to the United States. An important increase that leads people to compare the different offers, even during this painful period. You should know that burial companies freely set their rates, so it is important to put them in competition and not hesitate to ask for quotes.

burial insurance cost

First of all, the prices differ enormously according to the regions of the United States are the most expensive regions, followed by the South-West United States. On the contrary, northern and eastern United State are the least expensive regions.

The burial Cost plot also depends on the burial mode envisaged. Cremation costs between 1930 and 3640 dollars in the province, and between 2870 and 4290 dollars in the United States. The cost of burial varies between 2130 and 3640 dollars in the province, and between 2740 and 7620 dollars in the Paris region.

Additional factors may also be taken into account, such as the repatriation of the deceased, for example, which can cost several thousand dollars.

Burial vs Cremation

For burial Cost, it will also be necessary to consider:

  • All services ordered from the burial home: mortuary and body care (from 50 to 350 dollar), coffin (from 400 to 2500 dollar), body transport (from $ 250 to 400), rental the burial chamber (between 150 and 300 dollars for 3 days);
  • The acquisition of a concession (amount fixed by the municipality);
  • The burial monument (from $ 2000 to 5000);
  • Administrative costs (amount fixed by the municipality);
  • The burial and cremation tax (from 30 to 500 Dollar);
  • The tax on burial convoys for complete Burial Cost.

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